About Us



An awareness towards self-potential in an individual is just like the TIP of an iceberg, whereas immense potential in an individual lies submerged!

“You are the master of your fate”





  • To share wisdom with the world downloaded from the Almighty.
  • To bless humanity with messages of hope and possibility for all.
  • To provide useful principles to build a successful, purposeful life.
  • To create a community of selfless togetherness by spreading the fragrance of joy and happiness across the globe.
  • To inspire millions of people to love fully, live loudly, and light the path for those that follow behind.


  • To spread hope to the hopeless, courage to the fearful, and light to the darkness, while leaving SMILES on the heart of every interaction encountered.
  • To awaken to the best version of oneself through the realization that the soul and willpower are unconquerable.


A Man behind Invictus Souls



A Compassionate, Insightful, Sensitive, Aspiring Writer and Speaker.

“Transform to Inspire with Passion”

-Rajan Thomas






Unlocking Immense Individual Potential

My mission is to unveil the individual’s awareness of their immense potentials and competencies, which are submerged within the unconscious mind, by igniting the person’s soul through their core values, with my “Transformational, Inspirational and Passionate” approach.

Being a catalyst to elevate the journey

The enormous internal potential, under directive awareness, guidance, and motivation, channelizes one’s ability to achieve dreams and elevate the mindset with momentum to act effectively. I envision a world where humanity has chosen to lead life from the Heart. This heartistic approach to life magnifies awareness and serves as a catalyst toward higher achievements. The work presented here also serves as a catalyst to elevate your journey, ignite your potential, and motivate your mindset.

Nurturing the Invictus Souls

Being a Veteran from INDIAN NAVY, I discovered my purpose of serving humanity with discipline. I am passionate to share my wisdom through insightful writings and talks. It is my intention to leave a legacy behind of what I practice in terms of the virtues and beliefs that have existed since the beginning of time. My written work is an offering to humanity that reflects what the “INVICTUS SOULS” seeks.


I am connected with you as a co-traveler on this beautiful journey of life!