Dancing with Death

…makes you feel alive.

So many people are afraid of Death.
And at that the same time they don’t realize
that they are already dead before they die.

Often it scares the sh*t out of people when I tell
them “Death is one of my best friends.”

But I literally mean it this way – and I not only
mean it this way, I experienced it – in my own
life and by witnessing the lives of others.

I had people sitting in front of me, diagnosed with
a terminal illness telling me “You know what, Sophia,
I am so grateful for this illness – it helped me to remember
how precious life is.”

I never understood – and I never will – why people need
such strong wake-up calls.
Why we just don’t enjoy our lives – why we just not celebrate
life on a daily basis?
I think it’s a cultural thing…the standards we are taught to live by.
But for today I won’t go down this road.

I will come back to my dearest friend Death.
He was there for me in my darkest hours – and isn’t it
what a good friend is for?
No, I never have been suicidal – even when feeling very down
and desperate.
So yes, my very good friend death was there for me to help me
through, to brighten my days, to remind me of the amazing gift
of life.
You wanna know how my dearest friend did it?

Ok…I will tell you:
Like with any other good friend, what do you do when you need him?
You call – right?
You say…please I need you, come over…

And this is exactly what I did with my dearest friend Death.
I called him, I invited him, sat down on my couch with him.
Looked him deep into his eyes and asked
“Please, dearest friend, remind me of life.”
And his advice has been plus minus always the same:

“Sophia, if you would know for sure that you would only
have one week – one month – one year to live…what would be your perspective on the situation you are facing right now?”

And you know what – all the problems dissolved,
better to say the meaning I gave to these problems dissolved
almost instantaneously.
And what remained? The pure essence that life is an amazing gift.
That yes, we encounter challenges and hardship – but they are all temporary.
What remains is that “all is well”.

Yes, all is well at any moment in time.

May you all stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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4 thoughts on “Dancing with Death

  1. Dear Sophia, thank you for this simple yet profound reminder of the gift of life❤️ Your words encourage us to look within, search for meaning and confront a basic truth – that we simply forget the greatest treasure of life. What a blessing… Why do we forget? Why do we praise many things but life itself? There is a big missing piece in many of us and you mirror it, so beautifully.
    Thanks for inspiring masses who need to hear this and heal.

  2. Seeing death as your friend! Wow! So beautiful! Yes, death is our friend and we do not have to see it as something bad. Death is there to remind us how beautiful life is and that we only have one opportunity to live, in this form, this beautiful experience on Earth. We all run from death and we avoid this word as if it wouldn’t make part of us. We sometimes think that if we do not say this de…. word, it will never hear as, so it will never catch us. But death is not something bad. We were trained to think like this; what about seeing death as someone who helps us see the beauty of this life and in the same time as someone who helps our soul find the way to the place where it belongs, like a very friendly and beautiful guide.
    It is so easy to turn anything into something negative, but what about turning everything into something positive? Life is not providing us problems, we create them!
    Thank you, Sophia! I love you so much and I am so grateful to share this journey with you! You are one of my daily inspirations! Thank you again!

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