How good are you as a parent?

Parenting is a beautiful skill and a great art of seeing your children grow. It’s about how you are treating your small ones, how affectionate you are, what you are teaching them and so much more.

One segment of parenting I wanted to talk about in this article is whether you are guiding your children to take their own decisions or you are deciding what they want.

Children are not your OWN.

But many of them don’t learn this skill in a right way and they treat their children as their own and force them to do what they wanted to do. They are not meant to do what you have left off. If you wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor or an engineer, but you couldn’t pursue it due to some reasons, that’s okay. Why do you want to force your children to pursue your dreams? You will be happy if your children pursue your dreams because that dream is yours. But do you really think your children will be happy after pursuing your dreams? Do they really want to pursue your dreams just because you nurture them? Are you encouraging or sabotaging their dreams? I will leave these questions for you. Let them think what they want in life. Only they will be knowing what they want. Your job being a parent is to guide them and not to make decisions for them.

You’re not a remote CONTROL to your child’s tele-VISION

I would like to explain this in much more intuitive fashion. Let me take the analogy of gadgets.

Having a kid is like buying a new smartphone and what you teach them is just like installing apps to the smartphone. Are you installing a genuine app or a virus? What are you teaching your kids?

I have talked about absolute truth and the relative truth in my previous article 69 rule. Let your children know about the absolute truths and don’t make them believe about a relative truth which is true only for you. That’s what you believe. Life is driven by belief system. Teach them how to think and let them have their own set of beliefs. You can’t imagine what all you learn from them if you teach them how to think rather than making them believe what you think is true.

As we use our smart devices, we tend to upgrade the hardware like a good processor, high RAM size and even large amount of storage. Similarly, let your children learn the skills they need. Let them learn martial arts, swimming, golf, music and there are thousands of skills to opt for. Give them the option to choose whatever they need to learn. Let them excel in their way. Education is necessary, educating them and letting them to achieve in their own field of interest is much more valuable. Encourage your children in the smallest things they do – results will be astounding.


How well are you preparing your children for their future?


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