It’s better to think before we commit..

I hope everyone remembers our New Year resolutions,

Exactly 10 months back we have committed a bunch of new things we want to implement this year,

If we have written it somewhere,  It is better to go through once again to evaluate how successful in implementing those resolutions?

In our day to day life, each day, teach us unique lessons about the value of  time,

Every day we plan new things and new strategies, but when the time for implementation comes,

We discover new excuses to keep them, postponing and anticipating the best time to execute,

Whereas we never realize the damage indirectly we are making to our self-esteem,

Because by breaking those promises we made yesterday to implement new things in life from today

We are putting ourselves down its self-sabotage on our morale of integrity and faithfulness within us.

We keep on challenging our self-esteem by breaking the action, we are supposed to take every day planning is very easy,

But executing the plans is very challenging, If need courage and conviction to follow the words we have spoken with others.

If we accustom with the habit of breaking promises breaking our own commitments, then we are digging our own grave.

Slowly we will become a habit of breaking our own promises, by this we become lack of confidence at work we are involved in our life,

It happens to fail those promises are the indication that we are deviating from our true-self.

We start cheating ourselves by breaking our words,

When we honor our words,  indirectly we are molding our self-esteem and started becoming a better person than yesterday.

Initially it’s painful, we may distract by other things in life.

But if we can do this as a habit, then, every good thing comes into our life.

It’s better to THINK before we COMMIT..

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  1. True, insightful and wake up article at right time. Honour own words is amazing and beautiful.
    Thanks Rajan for wonderful write up.

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