Let the reminder be……..


Flowers blooming, when you see

I shall always blossom”, let the reminder be

Dancing river flow, when you see

Nothing is stagnant”, let the reminder be

Mesmerizing showers of rain, when you see

I am blissful”, let the reminder be

Shining energetic sun, when you see

I have enormous power”, let the reminder be

Playful chirping birds, when you see

Let the worry fly”, let the reminder be

A baby smile, when you see

I am so happy”, let the reminder be

Family and friends, when you see

“Lucky me” let the reminder be

People around, when you see

Gratitude”, let the reminder be

Act of kindness, when you see

Benevolence”, let the reminder be

Tough days, when you see

Season’s change”, let the reminder be

Mirror, when you see

I am amazing” let the soulful reminder be!




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6 thoughts on “Let the reminder be……..

  1. Simply a Great Choice of Topic to Start Writing Your Poem Paru…What was your triggering thought which made you to expand into such detail…Conscious Enriching Reminder to the Souls who visited this website.Glad I am one too.Pranam Parul.

    1. Thanks much Ganesh for your inputs! Trigger indeed is just a belief that quick few reminders sometimes change the direction of flipping our thoughts in more sensible ways!
      Great moments ahead Ganesh!

  2. Astonishing Poem Parul. Your poem so meaningful. You are right in a way that sometimes quick few reminders will lead us to new direction in life.
    Keep it up.

    1. Thanks much Sheetal!
      Glad me to get your insight alignment with thoughts.
      Happy moments!

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