Lovely Life Under Debt

Lovely Life Under Debt
Do you know how much you are in Debt.?
Have you ever realized, how much your Mother suffered before and after  you are born, she uses to sacrifice and forgo, very frequently, right from complete food, drinks, night sleeps, and all other comforts available enjoyable moments with family , other relations, friends etc., almost everything in life to make you happy , smiling, healthy with utmost care and love.
Have you. ever
seen God on Earth?
Just go and see
Your Mother.
Now make a soul searching, think and find out, ways and means, how you are going to repay/reduce, this Debt of your life.
Likewise, give a thought about your brother’s, sisters, other relations and friends, who assisted and helped willfully on numerous occasions and in situations in your life, when you are in need or in adverse situations , asses these Debts and repay solutions.
Lastly, what about your “Life Partner”, her delightful, lovely and sensible company in all spheres of life, which shaped your personality, quality of life ,at home and outside of this planet.
Mind there is no end of her sacrifices..
These Debts represents selfless service, sacrifices with lots of love and affection, and complete dedication without asking any returns.  So it is to be repaid in the same way only.
Search and stir your soul, prepare with conviction and act immediately, but understand clearly….
Money cannot be an option in this respect.
And to feel free while facing GOD when confronted.
  God Bless You.
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  1. As always brilliant thoughts , which carries a deep meaning, penned down with a carefully selected words.

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