Mother The God on Earth

Mother The God on Earth.

“Love Instinct” flows from mother’s milk and became a base of human life on earth. Love instinct prevails from the day one of birth till the end of human life, but have a different perspective at the different stages of life. It is a God given gift to humans to survive and make this life a beautiful phase for themselves.

So don’t be surprised when coming  across the expression of love from a 90 year old or as young as 10/12 year old. Unfortunately the majority of persons take its relevance in younger age for the company of opposite sex. Love prevails at all the stages of life with all its splendor. Just see the beginning … Love between mother and child, the strongest bond of love, another aspect  in siblings love, and the farthest point of Love exists in true friendships, as well as towards other life i.e. animals and nature.  Now think of …I love you…which is being taken in a very narrow sense.

Very difficult to define ” True Love”, but certainly Sacrifice is the other side of the coin of love, with a feeling of togetherness and unable to separate.

One more aspect of ” First Love” of young age is the strongest bond ,cannot be forgotten till the end of life , of all the love relationships are having a time limit, only true love has no time limit as it is for eternity.

God created the rainbow of life with the prism of love, care and sacrifice , and our heart , mind and soul wander in this prism to fulfill the responsibilities and sensibilities with the mandate of God , the Almighty

This grand status acquired after giving birth to a new life, she is fully empowered for such status by God as her treasure of loving care, kindness and sacrifice fully opened up to sparkle and shine for the promotion of life on earth.

Can anybody deny this ……

Mother Is The God On Earth.

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  1. Beautiful way of defining the meaning of love in your own words

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