No matter what…

No matter what they tell me
I know for sure what lies
behind this childish face
behind this sensitive heart.
There is a strong and joyful
phenomenal woman
who’s ready and decided
to step into the World..

This space of crazy people
who hit themselves and others
to get a piece of bread,
a piece of this magical dollar,
this paper which controls their heart
and their believes,
a dollar that cannot
let the people believe
that life is not about
the struggle and the fight
of paying bills and rent
so as to survive,

but life it’s all about
being connected
with yourself,
your heart, your soul
and God
and stay forever there.

Your soul stands always somewhere
into your shadow space
waiting for you to hear
its nightly silent grace,
its hums are always telling:

You’re beautiful, you know,
Your nature is to always
enjoy your unique flow,
and never be afraid
of spreading what you have,
because you’re here to live
your truly highest act.
You’re here to always smile,
to laugh,
to dance,
and sing,
you’re here to make it simple
and not rush anything.
You’re meant to pass this journey
which has the name of ,,life”
with flying colors tools
or fireworks or claps,

’cause your uniqueness has
a special way that can
make this small world rise
in an unique and outstanding way.

No matter what they tell you
believe always in you
and dare to always shine
your great and highest Truth.

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2 thoughts on “No matter what…

  1. Paula, I read your poem at a very sensitive state, feeling insecure and I was “amazed” by your words. Your words truly resonated with me. As I was questioning one of my fears, thinking how can we not know our own gifts and own them as they are… Your poem came across my way at that very moment..! Reminding me what I am here to do and to remind me of my uniqueness, as your words were a beautiful expression of your own. Thanks for reminding me “ALWAYS to believe in myself no matter what they tell me and dare to always shine” as you expressed so powerfully. Thank you for this huge inspiration, uplifting and this divine reminder.

    1. Thank you, Asli for your beautiful words! Never doubt who you are and never stop shining. Always follow your intuition, your heart, that warm voice inside of you that tells you your highest Truth! Keep doing what you love to do, keep inspiring people and help them shine from inside out.
      You are part of my heart and I admire you for everything that you are doing. I am very grateful that I have met you.
      Keep shining, my beautiful friend!

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