#OwnYourself – Back from my personal retreat.


This hit me out of the blue at the end of last year.
And even more: it happened out of a feeling of total satisfaction.
I had created my new online course – got amazing feedback and was ready to launch it – felt awesome…and then this inner voice telling me:
“Nothing is right anymore”.
I don’t know if you know this listening to your inner voice and even
you don’t fully understand the message you feel “it is right”.
Even your analytic mind may even say “This is hilarious”,
“Let’s do it anyway because it makes total sense what you had planned” –
you feel it, you feel it deep inside of you “My inner voice is right”.
Luckily I already had planned 2 weeks of vacation before Christmas
and I decided to prolong my “offline time” until January the 7th 2019.
And when I say offline, I mean it …webmail on autoresponder, phone off,
announcement on social media.
So I tapped into the unknown…better to say I had the courage to do so.
Besides this “Nothing is right anymore” I had no idea, no goal to head towards.
Shedding my old self…surrendering…letting it happen…giving in…
trusting my inner guidance…not analyzing…not directing it…
It has been like walking through the thickest fog where you can’t see anything, only trusting your feed (in this case my heart and feelings) and keep on walking.
It has been – and still is – the way back to who I truly am and at the same time to my future self.
And even I did this before – these “time out” phases, “me time” longer or shorter on regular basis, this happened on a new level.
And it showed me again how important it is to take time off on a regular basis – even we feel amazing.
Life is a never-ending journey of unfolding, of growing…we are never done…
and this keeps life alive…doesn’t it?
I truly encourage you to include it into your routines –
may it be the daily “me times” as well as longer retreats…
Leaving your outside and inner environment from time to time; giving yourself space so that the new You can unfold and can be integrated
is key to #OwnYourself.
You, yourself and each and everyone around you will benefit immensely.

May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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