#OwnYourself Intro

Because way too many people lose themselves.

Dearest reader,
this topic is the start of a series about #OwnYourself.

People want sooo much in life –
money, fame, happiness etc.etc. –
but often they lose themselves
on the way to whatever they want to accomplish.
So that at the end of the day perhaps they accomplished
what they wanted, but they can’t truly enjoy it, savor it.
They are sick, often desperate and have no meaning in life anymore.
I encountered thousands and thousands of people like this –
even looking from the outside people would think
“Oh, she or he as everything – money, the perfect family, friends…”
the person who was sitting in front of me was just desperate up to
And it showed me that it is not about our bank accounts,
it’s not about our fame, it’s even not about our relationships
(even I consider them as crucial).
If we don’t own ourselves, if we lose the contact with who we truly are,
to our hearts, to our unique us, then everything we will ever accomplish
will have no meaning, will be hollow.

The good news is:
There is always a way out.
And – if we own ourselves first not only we reach our goals faster but
we will be happy and healthy along the way.
And this is how life is meant to be.
And this is what this blog post series is for.

So stay tuned.
And meanwhile may you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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One thought on “#OwnYourself Intro

  1. Dear Sophia, a very heart and mind opening perspective as always… Getting what we want but not what we need can make us “lose ourselves”… And what you said is the only way out… Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring wisdom. Thank you for empowering us all! It is always a blessing to read, see and feel your heart and soul – then to reflect on it deeply. Thank you.

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