#OwnYourself -Why we lose ourselves?

Why we lose ourselves in the first place?

How many people do you know who live their authentic self?
How many people do you know who follow their heart?
How many people do you know who truly appreciate and honor it if someone does?
– especially someone who is very close to them?

Let’s have a broader view.
How about the culture you are living in?
What kind of behavior, what kind of lifestyle the culture you are living in
values the most?
I truly would love to have your feedback in the comments because I am running
a little study about the impact of social/cultural factors and would highly appreciate if you would contribute. So thanks in advance.
Back to the topic…
please compare for yourself what the culture you are living in is promoting
and how you, yourself would love to live if you could choose freely.
Is there a gap?
How big is the gap?
The bigger the gap the more you are separated from who you truly are.
And yes, I know you will have a lot of arguments why what and how you truly wanna live, it’s not possible because….
And this what we are trained for…
by our culture, by the systems, we are living in.
And it starts at an early age.
And because it starts so early and hereby most of the people follow the rules of the system for many people the way they are living is so normal that they even don’t question it.
Everyone is doing it like this – ok there are some crazy ones..but these ones are the exception…
I wanna argue…everyone is an exception…everyone is unique..so we all should live an exceptional life…shouldn’t we?
The old systems we are living in are outdated by far.
They had their right when they have been created.
But life is changing, is evolving all the time.
And the only thing every hierarchic system is trying to avoid under all circumstances is change.
They try to keep the status quo.
So if you don’t wanna live your life by default the very first step is to question the status quo.
Will be continued…

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