Romance of Life

We are the lovely creations of God on earth, with designs perfect rolls to perform during our stay, complete with all conditions and surroundings, with all powers of mind and kind soul, to carry out the mandate of God.

God has given two major and big things to all human beings.      

The instinct of surviving in all conditions, to live with our own choice of person (male or female)       

The other instinct of love, as these two will govern the life journey.   

Two human beings; Man and Women, a perfect set in all respects, with few important and essential differences in body and mental setup.

Let us try to understand first about Man…     

Briefly and broadly, I will point out …..a strong body with an extra foresight sense in mind capabilities plus a strong sense of possessiveness

Whereas in Women …

More beautiful body than men, but delicate with magnetic attraction power , and extra body parts to create and nurture human life with the help of man.       

The instinct of Love in man varies as per age factor , and gradually slides down, as he grows  old, however the intensity remains on the higher side.  

But in women the body is designed so to govern the Love instinct up to a certain age (menopause) keeping the intensity high till the birth of a new life , then it becomes multi directional with the arrival of a child. 

This attention shift is a natural denomination, but after the age cross , more body and mental changes starts, eg. Harmony changes, resulting in sudden mood, thoughts and thinking, reaction changes, the outlook towards others.  In short the bifurcation of the love instinct becomes multi directional, resulting in lesser attention towards others, causing a lot of inconvenience and dejection in the minds and the partner suffers the normalcy in life.

Another aspect, upbringing and grooming of children, apart from the prime desire of women, to look beautiful and attractive and also to replenish the loss of total energy of the body due to child birth ,  God  has made the female body with very low intensity of the love instinct at this stage  for her to recover fully and complete full span of life at par with men. 

Therefore the crises of less attention and time towards a partner is to be understood as a natural systems of life for both men and women. 

In short, men are living in a one directional system of life, while women have to face multi directional system to live a life.       

The battle of the Titans (physical power vs. beauty of love) will continue, but as you all know and I have already said on many occasions 

 “Mother is a God on earth” is supreme in the powers given by God , will always touch the Ribbons of victory in this race of life. 

Line of Heart is Love of life.

Dedicated to my Life Partner

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