Rose Bud, Can I live a Life

Life is like a “Rose Bud”
Opens up to fill the atmosphere with its fragrance and admired for its beauty.
Life is a dream Rainbow colour to be preserved.
Life is a “Time” to understand the preciousness of it.
Life is an eternal bliss , the greatest happiness on earth.
Life is like a “Ball” with lots of ups and downs movements.
Life is a “Run” to catch happiness.
Life is “Tears of Heart and happiness of soul” .
Life is like a gift , open carefully and enjoy the love of others.
The power of life lies in your mind to unleash enormous dreams, love has no parallels.
The power lies in your strong convictions and willpower for achievements.
Greatest power lies in your thoughts and in your love instinct,
A God given gift, activate this Fire to reach the destination of your dreams.
Nothing can stop this Fire once it starts burning .
Many Minds are bursting all set boundaries
And now set to dent the Moon and all other mysteries of today.
Why you have chained yourself,
Why you are still waiting ,
Move now to ” Fill in the Blanks” of life,
And enjoy the greatest gift of God
i.e. called a beautiful life and precious Time .
Have full faith in God and his given abilities to you.
Be a “Rose Bud”  up without the fear of failure,
Show the power of fragrance to fill the atmosphere
And be admired as another beautiful flower of God  on earth ,
Now starts blooming today.
Yes, you can live a Wonderful life.
 God bless you.
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