Surprise yourself by believing you have already arrived.


A reflective arrival of a new moment.
A moment with Buddha.


Echart Tolle stated you “get there by realizing you are already there”.

2 years after I wrote the piece below I find myself staying directly opposite the while Buddha that inspired the writing.
The Universe was showing me an important reflection to remind me, although I still had my own challenges I had arrived.
Of course, I was already “there”. Where else could I be?
The moment held perfection.


Late afternoon I felt drawn to get to a higher viewpoint after living in the beautiful valley of Pai, Northern Thailand, for a while.
As I climbed the 297th step, I was dwarfed by a towering white Buddha with his head held nobly in a pale cloudy blue sky.
Feeling in a reflective mood, I sat in this idyllic location, watching the setting sun over the majestic mountains. Sitting on the top step directly in from of the Buddha, I watched others struggling and laughing exhaustedly in the tropical heat as they ascended the last few steps. I congratulated them with a big grin as they weakly smiled back with relief. One little girl overjoyed span around in a fit of giggles, in contagious joyousness.

Cameras clicked like a paparazzi, as people admired themselves through the lenses, as Buddha purposefully photo-bombed their latest selfie.

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The sun slowly lowering in the sky, brought a sense of peace, everyone settled as their day begun ending, quietly contemplating life, and what they were having for dinner. Wanting to enjoy the moment without small talk, I opted for a friendly smile to anyone who made eye contact.

It has been quite a journey, I pondered to myself. The endeavor into the unknown had seen an inner and outer transformation of a magnitude I wasn’t fully aware or accepting of.

I felt a sense of peace. My mind was still.

Had happiness finally returned, I contemplated?

The peace had been quietly growing, as peace tends to do.
I had known and felt joy breathing beneath the surface throughout the journey
as the last of the dying unrest settled of what had been.

Others had told me.
“You’ve made it”
“Your life has grown exponentially.”
“You’ve gone from here, to way up here!”

They would exclaim excitedly. And the Universe demonstrated all of this in a myriad of ways.
I felt like I was among one of the last to completely fathom, and experience this. Except for those left behind on the “creating boundaries battleground.”

In my mind, it seemed real peace and contentment wouldn’t arrive until I was there;
to an endpoint.
Which went against all that I knew and believed.
Because there never really is an end.

The endpoints we strive for, and this moment is one and the same thing.

Sure, it’s a journey, but the constant unfolding of the journey is meant to be enjoyed, and the so-called destination will arrive when it arrives.

This moment is one of those destination points right now…

The real destination of where we are going is right here, at this moment.

Enjoying this moment is the only moment on the journey that matters.

Then the moment after that moment.

Was that an echo?

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2 thoughts on “Surprise yourself by believing you have already arrived.

  1. Dear Al,
    I read your beautiful piece with dazzle. I reflected on every word. Mostly, on the beautiful phrase “the real destination of where we are going is right here, at this moment.” The words expanded as I felt them deeply. All our lives we crave for destinations; but “now” is where the story unfolds. The vision we have now is a mirroring of what we already grasped, felt, created. It is already happening. Life has already expanded. Thank you for inspiring me so profoundly

    1. Dear Asli,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. “The vision we have now is a mirroring of what we already grasped, felt, created. It is already happening. Life has already expanded”. This is so true. We must learn to “take the wins” as life unfolds. We have already manifested so much beauty, shared so much love, been immensely kind, given above and beyond. My inspiring you, has been reflected by you inspiring me, thank you. There is a time to rest and marvel in the moment for all we have been blessed to experience in life. 🙂

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