What is my life purpose?

Recently my mind has been very restless, worrying about the future, entering into fear, asking that question: what is my life purpose?

I have been looking for an answer for the past few months.

Of course, there is no answer to be found.

A couple of days ago, I bumped into Eckart Tolle’s book, New Earth,¬†who beautifully reminded me to Be, to ‘just’ be here and now, fully present of every moment, aware.

I then realised how selfish and ego-driven – though legitimate and human I guess – this question was. ‘MY life’ purpose as if I would possess life which I don’t. I am an expression of life, taking the shape of this body in order to manifest itself, I am life. Saying ‘my life purpose’ means that I am identifying with something, seeing myself as separated from the whole, labelling and placing myself into a box, covering it with a lid. Trying to finite the infinite. Discriminating. Separating the being from the doing.

The real question is ‘Who am I?’ A chameleon acting as the other expects from me, being aware of how much each interaction shapes me, leading me to put one mask or another. Listening and responding. Experiencing that at the end, I am nothing and so, everything at the same time. Being and doing becoming one, The being moving freely into this world, acting and fulfilling according to the presence, selflessly. A constant karma yoga, detached from the fruit of the action. Following the advaita path, the non-duality, seeing through the illusion of separateness. Embracing that Oneness. Nourishing the flame in my heart, the spark in my eye, the smile on my face. This is what really matters here and now.

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