Who Controls me?

We all are happy with the emotion less emoji to express our emotions. We all are counting the number of  like’s and comments for our social media postings. We are happy with those results which is not going to do any true result in our life.

We are totally controlled by something in life that keep on shifting one to another just like a monkey jumps from one branch to another without any purpose. Its restless, so like human beings too restless now a day and unknowingly running the race.

We are not content with what we have. It keeps changing the choices. Looking for higher and highest its bigger and biggest things in life. Looking for higher means looking for something which someone else having so we want that to feel success. Totally the success being wrongly portrayed by the media and we start believing the same.

We are totally away from love and compassion in life. We are running behind showing off others as I am rich, or I am successful. But really, we aren’t. We are poor and failure due to lack of love and compassion.

We are living without knowing that we lost the ability to love one another. We forgot to smile the person in front of us. We already forgot to wish someone we met first time. We expect and watch whether he or she is wishing me or not.

Our life has become mundane by focusing on things and lost lives as being in this society. We are delighted all the power to things around us. Our power of thinking being delegated to google. Now Google becomes our controller.

Anything we want just Google it. We will be showered with answers. So, no one believes in human values it’s been eradicated by the technologies. Technology is good for the time we control it. It’s dangerous when we are controlled by technology.

We gave power to others 
We gave power to things
We gave power to the zodiac sign 
We gave power to the tarot cards
We gave power to the fate
We gave power to the blame
We gave power to being shamed

It’s time to self-introspect who controls me?

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4 thoughts on “Who Controls me?

  1. great Introspection on the remote control of our life. Great write up!

    1. Parul!
      Yes, there are invisible remote controls in our life. Unknowingly we gave our remote to them and suffer whole life.
      Thanks for your unconditional support by taking time to read as well as writing comments.

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